RolePlay Update Pt. 2

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    Hello Mystians!

    This is the second part of the multi-part RolePlay update series! In this update, we are announcing changes to hold ups, prime, biomes, and much more!

    A Change to Hold - Ups:
    We have just introduced the new handcuff and search function!
    To handcuff someone, they must have surrendered already, and you must be within 4 blocks of their location. Do the command "/handcuff PLAYER" in order to handcuff them.
    In order to search someone, they must be handcuffed and within 4 blocks of you.
    Do the command "/search PLAYER" in order to search them. You can freely take and put things into their inventory. You can also now demand the armor off of their backs and anything they are holding in their offhand.

    We have officially changed the hold up rules. You are now no longer limited to only taking up to 1/6th the amount of items, you can take everything they have and or are hauling.

    The Removal Of Airships:
    We have sadly had to remove airships due to the massive amount of lag that they cause to the server in whole. Do note that this change was not taken easily nor did we expect any positive feedback about this.

    We have introduced a way for players to get Prime membership without buying jewels! These bonds cost 3,000,000 coins and can be used to get 2 weeks of Prime membership! This is a great way to give the players who cannot afford to buy jewels and who play a ton to get Prime Membership. The bond purchasing station can be found in Tradehub's center upstairs.

    Staff Evaluations of Empires:
    The staff here are going to start looking out for rule violations in regards to the roleplay theme of the server, as well as for rule violations regarding rivers. If we find any violations in this, we will notify the perpetrator of this and give them three days to fix it. If they do not fix it within three days, we will issue a warning and give them another three days. If they fail to fix the issue, staff will issue a punishment as seen fit, and forcibly change the issue.

    Extreme Hills + change:
    The Extreme Hills + biome has now received a use! You can now smelt diorite and granite to nether quartz while in this biome! Diorite will yield 1 quartz and Granite will yield 2.

    United Empires Kickstart:
    We have kickstarted the United Empires! There will be meetings setup soon on the forums to meet in game. We will hold votes on major events on the forums. More to come soon on the UE news section of our forums.

    General Changes to Agreements:
    So with recent changes to how things work with staff investigations, we have moved to this new system of agreements. If there is an agreement between empires that is not honored, the only way it will be against the rules would be if the agreement was posted and agreed to by both parties on the forums. Any in game actions that signify an agreement will not be viewed as valid by staff.

    Out-Of-Character Chat:
    If you are in local and need to let people know something out of character, the official way to tell them now is by using two brackets surrounding your message. Example: ((Brb guys dinner)).

    The war system is almost 100% ready for full release! You may have noticed that there was an official war on the server a couple of weeks ago between Kirito and Terriikk; that was a live test of the war system. There are some bugs we need to iron out before we fully release the War update.

    • Fixed a bug where the server would tell you you need to wait X seconds before sending another message.
    • New Empires now cost 10,000,000 coins from 10,000 coins. This is a move to prevent single person empires.
    • Tradehub's portal now acts just like the one in Starry! Use it to transport yourself home.
    • /prime command updated.
    • Territory towers and invasion towers now work properly every time.
    • We have decreased the stock for all diamond and diamond tools. The price of them has gone up to prevent those items from becoming common.
    • Fixed a blacksmith bug where you could use wood to make up to 64 diamond items at a time.
    • The server will now fix lighting issues (to be confirmed).
    • Incendiary rounds are now Coal Blocks instead of Gold Blocks.
    • Removed the ability for tanks to fly.
    • Territory towers now have a cap at 100,000 coins per new tower. We want to help the growth of empires.
    Planned Changes:
    • We plan on allowing outsiders of your city to access buttons of elevators. This will allow anyone to bypass the interact protection if there is a button with a sign above it.
    • We plan on adding Character Cards to give people a description of what you look like, what your name is, etc.
    • We plan on adding an Alliance Chat.
    • We plan on adding the ability to use charcoal again, but only with 50% efficiency.
    • We plan on adding a short-range TPA system, useful if someone falls into a hole, or needs help getting on a ship.
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    I denounce the Valkorian Republic due to this update.
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