Enlightenment and war games of Slyvathen

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  1. I, Wraith King of Slyvathen, have found the true shadow god, Lord Kuk, and I have become enlightened again through his teachings. The shadow is not an evil the world must fear. It should be used for peace and in balance with the light. Therefore the Kingdom of Slyvathen has opened it's city gates again and allows free travel in and out of the city for all. Furthermore to celebrate the recent ending to the war Kalastren will be hosting war games including gladiator battles, and some wolf fighting.

    1. Only 1v1 fighting
    2. If both opponents refuse to fight then they both lose.
    3. It will sparring. No popping opponents.

    Price for fighting in gladiator battles: 50 coins
    Award for winning:
    1st place 10k coins
    2nd place 5k
    3rd place 3k

    Price for fighting wolves: 0 coins
    No awards except your life and 50 coins per wolf you kill. This is kinda the shows that will go on inbetween fighters.
  2. Date tbd. It will be next week.
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    Still a Heretic
  4. war games will be thursday July 6th around 2 est.
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    War games more like Manifestdestiny drive out the native tribe!
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