Empires Weekly (September 27th, 2017)

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    Hello Mystians!

    This update contains the long awaited magic update!

    New Content
    A strange cluster of underwater pillars have been discovered under Starry. An expert group of United Empire Scientists have gone underwater to study these pillars, and have made some very interesting discoveries. These pillars, upon being mined, will drop shards that seem to be able to hold great power inside of them. We think that this discovery and the recent rise of these... elemental altars... seems to be a new system introduced to us via the myst.

    Some of our scientists have embarked carrying these shards to the altars around Mysto. Several... have seemingly been granted 'powers' based around the elements they went to. They have also refused to explain how they were given these powers, resulting in a large rift between the research council and these new found "Mages."

    These mages decided that our primitive non magical ways where insignificant to their ways and have openly attacked Starry in an attempt to get the United Empires to surrender to them. We have repelled the attack, but many civilians were caught in the initial attack.

    Soboria has started an open manhunt for these wizards, and will bring them to justice.

    *End Statement*

    Magic has finally arrived in the land of Mysto! With the addition of magic comes one of the hardest choices you will have to make on our server; Mage or Warrior?

    Warriors are the gameplay you have been playing since the beginning, blacksmith, wearing armor, carrying weapons, the basic minecraft experience.

    If you choose to go mage, for the first week the choice is free, just let a staff member know!

    Mages are capable of casting spells and unleashing great power upon the land of Mysto, but cannot wear armor or use weapons besides their wands.

    In order to make your wand, you must get a stick and travel to all four altars, using the command "/infuseStick". Once you have the four elements infused in your stick, it will transform into a magic wand!

    Remove Pirates:
    Empires now have the ability to remove a pirate base if that empire has been raided by that pirate. Once a pirate raids your city, you can invade and remove his pirate base, which will make that pirate crew unable to raid for 2 weeks! To remove the pirate base, you can go over and do the command '/e clearpirates'. This will start an invasion on their base.

    In order for you to successfully invade a pirate base, you must have been raided by that pirate before, it must be at least one hour after you were raided, and you must attack within a time period. The time period is 12 hours while both you and the pirate are online. If you both are online, the timer ticks down, if not, it freezes.


    • The yarg system now notifies everyone inside of that city that their city is being raided.
    • Added a one hour delay before a pirate base can be attacked by an empire.
    • The pirate prowl has been increased to 10 minutes from 5.
    Kill contracts:
    • Fixed an issue where the boss would randomly despawn.
    • Fixed an issue where players would not be teleported back after winning.
    • Fixed "/e help" to have proper formatting.
    • Increased the distance a surrender is heard from from 100 blocks to 128 blocks.
    • Lower city invade towers to 61 from 62.
    • Fixed foreign key of territory tower glitch preventing empires from being disbanded
    • Fixed invasion towers so now the respawn point will fix itself after the battle.
    • Fixed minor bug with transfer player command when target was offline.
    • Making an arrow now produces 4 instead of 1.
    • Added whisper, which is a local chat that only goes 8 blocks.
    • Added a message at the end of the clear chat so that everyone knows the chat was cleared.
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