Empires Weekly (October 19th, 2017)

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    Hello Mystians!

    This "week" there was only a small bunch of balance fixes. We have some large updates in the works from the results of the recent polls, so stay tuned for those dropping!

    Trains are the new speedy way to get from city to city, all connecting to the main hub in Starry! Tickets are sold at every train station! You must have a ticket to ride a train, and the ticket must match the destination, or else the train will not allow you on. Sometimes, some rails have multiple trains running on them, so some trains will not allow you to board.

    Be careful however, trains are deadly! They have already claimed over 20 lives. You have been warned.

    • The cost of a ticket has been dropped from 10,000 coins to 2,500 coins.
    • Added poisoned variants to all brews that will kill the drinker.
      • There is a way to detect them, but we won't say! Have fun!
    • Fixed an issue with the infuse shard effects.
    • Fixed earth spells being the wrong color.
    • Fixed an issue where water shards were not working.
    • Stone Skin is now 110 xp per cast.
    • Restoration ball is now 150 xp per cast.
    • Restoration is now 75 xp per cast.
    • Earthen Wall is now 100 xp per cast.
    • Prime users now receive 25% bonus experience in magic.
    • Fixed an issue where accepting a vassalization invite would cause an error and not work.
    • Fixed an issue where if you hit a pressure plate it would tell you you cannot trample crops.
    • Added the "SPG". This is a tank that has the ability to have a long gun but has weaker armor.
    • Added the "APC". This is a tank that has strong armor (up to obsidian), but cannot have weapons.
    • Added the "SPAAG". This is a tank that can have an AA tower, but weaker armor.
    • Added the "FlakFrigate". This is a shop that can have AA towers, but has less weapon ability and no sonar ability.
    • Added the ability for Flying Fortresses to carry tanks by allowing them 0.1% Redstone blocks.
    • Prime now counts as two members when assisting in a project.

    Content Poll #005
    Thanks to all 19 of you who participated on the recent content poll for Empires!

    Just note: In order for the items to pass, they must have at least 60.0% of the vote. If something is clearly on the fence, we may re-poll it on a future date.

    Here are the final results of the poll!

    Question 1:

    • Should we add poisoned variants of alcohol brews that would kill the drinker?
      • Yes - 89.5% (17)
      • No - 10.5% (2)
    Question 2:
    • Should we limit the amount of obsidian for battleships, dreadnoughts and titans?
      • Yes - 57.9% (11)
      • No - 42.1% (8)
    Question 3:
    • Should we add a class of tank called an SPG that is able to have a long gun, but has weaker armor?
      • Yes - 73.7% (14)
      • No - 26.3% (5)
    Question 4:
    • Should we add a class of tank called an APC that has obby armor, but no weapons?
      • Yes - 73.7% (14)
      • No - 26.3% (5)

    Question 5:
    • Should we add a class of tank called a SPAAG that can have an AA Tower, but has weaker armor?
      • Yes - 73.7% (14)
      • No - 26.3% (5)
    Question 6:
    • Should we have a class of Frigate called a FlakFrigate that can have an AA tower, but less weapons and no sonar?
      • Yes - 78.9% (15)
      • No - 21.1% (4)
    Question 7:
    • Should we allow 0.1% Redstone blocks on Flying Fortresses to allow them to carry tanks?
      • Yes - 84.2% (16)
      • No - 15.8% (3)
    Question 8:
    • Should Prime members be counted as two people when assisting in a blacksmith project?
      • Yes - 84.2% (16)
      • No - 15.8% (3)
    Question 9:
    • Should we add werewolves alongside the release of magic? Werewolves would not have any bonuses to strength unlike other plugins out there, but can add RP elements into the game.
      • Yes - 68.4% (13)
      • No - 31.6% (6)
    Question 10:
    • Should mines outside of claimed territory be automatically repaired after two weeks of being broken?
      • Yes - 89.5% (17)
      • No - 10.5% (2)

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