Empires Weekly (June 22nd, 2017)

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    Hello Mystians!

    This is the start of a new development system where every week we will update everyone on our plans, what the current progress on projects are, and all the new changes we have implemented! We will also be reporting on community events in these, to get more players involved!

    • The server is now 1.12!
    • You can now transfer players as mayor or official to other cities in your empire. Before, they had to leave the empire and join the other city... that was silly.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not vassal someone correctly.
    • Territory towers now generate biome-specific resources and can be collected at the tower itself. This was voted on by the community in Content Poll #001.
    • Myst Amplifiers are now live! You can now deposit jewels in your bank by doing the command /e depositjewels <amount>. The amplifiers will give your whole empire bonuses, such as tree feller or faster mining! You cannot withdraw jewels from the amplifier after they are deposited.
    • Fixed various typos found within the messages.
    • Increased the time to capture capital city chunks compared to regular city chunks.
    • Cities now completely surrounded by territory of their enemies or wilderness will now become unprotected from explosions while their members are online and at war.
    • Fixed an issue where if your city was captured in war, you would still spawn at it instead of spawning at your empire's capital.
    • Empire leaders can now claim territory for their vassals.
    • Added settlements as voted on in Content Poll #002! These are smaller slightly less protected cities that are not considered city states. They do not need a minimum player limit and are substantially smaller compared to city states. These settlements only cost 100k coins to start, and are a great way to start your empire!
    • Removed gold armor and tools from being made.
    • Changed the time remaining to be in minutes and seconds instead of just seconds.
    • Changed the jewel rewards rate from a chance after every project to every second, as voted on Content Poll #001
    Kill Contracts:
    We are now adding the new PvM system into the game! This system is a very unique system that will allow players to attack NPC's in a mini-tournament style! There are vast rewards to gain, including legendary enchanted equipment! These bosses, even though the starter ones are labeled as easy, are no cake walk.

    This system is in however it is not ready for everyone, it will be released next week! Stay tuned for that!


    We plan on adding bigger airships next week! Stay tuned for them!

    General Fixes:
    • Fixed fishing. You can now fish freely! (Please note: Fishing does not give any enchanted items or books).
    • Removed the ability to make charcoal.

    Empires Content Poll #003

    Thanks to all 17 of you who participated on the first content poll for Empires! We got two more responses than last poll!

    Just note: In order for the items to pass, they must have at least 60.0% of the vote. If something is clearly on the fence, we may re-poll it on a future date.

    Here are the final results of the poll!

    Question 1:
    • Should we start a new map soon (Within the next 2 months or sooner)? This new map will contain many updates that staff have thought of, making for easier and smoother gameplay. We have many plans for this new map, and would like to hear what the community thinks about starting anew. This new map would also start with settlements.
      • Yes - 76.5% (13)
      • No - 23.5% (4)
    Question 2:
    • Should you be able to use blacksmith to repair items? This will grant experience as well as jewels.
      • Yes - 88.2% (15)
      • No - 11.8% (2)
    Question 3:
    • Should you be able to share a blacksmith project between multiple people on the same anvil? This will make the project go faster, but only grant the same amount of experience as if one person was working on it.
      • Yes - 94.1% (16)
      • No - 5.9% (1)
    Question 4:
    • Should we add NPC city guards into Empires? These guards will defend your city against other empires that you have poor relations with. These guards will need to be equipped and paid by your empire, but will always be loyal. There will be a limit on how many guards you can have per city, to prevent massive NPC armies. Guards will cost a substantial initial amount as well.

      • Yes - 94.1% (16)
      • No - 5.9% (1)
    Question 5:
    • Should magic users be able to use spells from every element? This will allow us to release updates by adding one or two new spells, instead of having to add four or eight for all elements to get new content.
      • Yes - 88.2% (15)
      • No - 11.8% (2)
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    Will settlements only be a way to start building up new empires or will already existing empires be able to create settlements
  3. Fyrinlight

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    Settlements are for new empires.

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