Empires Weekly (July 29th, 2017)

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    Hello Mystians!

    First off, this update log will go over the new map and all it's changes!

    New Map Content:

    Staff ramblings on the old map:

    So after observing how empires flowed and how the map felt to everyone, I have noticed some things personally that I wish to discuss here so that you guys can get an insight to why we did certain changes and why we took a radical path instead of a usual one.

    • We are going to keep the United Empires de militarized.
    We want to keep the United Empires demilitarized for many social reasons. It seemed that the United Empires was far too powerful and could hold off most attacks by anyone. I saw though many votes as soon as an empire became aggressive to another, everyone would rally around the UE to defend the attacked empire, as if they did not vote, they would be considered one of the bad guys as well. We want empires to become aggressive, and start taking out smaller empires along its warmongering path, instead of hiding inside itself because it could be defeated by an unattackable entity.
    • The difficulty of Trade was too high for it's profit.
    I flat out think the rivers sucked last map. They were ragged, rigidity, and did not flow like you would want or expect. Because of this, traders were very unwilling to move cargo via shipping lines and did not want to do bulk trades with other empires. We hope to change this by shrinking the map, and making the map islands instead of a single large continent. This should make trade a million times easier and convenient to the merchants.
    • The items most empires wanted were not hard to obtain or where not needed as much as others.
    We started the last map with the idea of 'if you cannot make everything yourself, you will be forced to trade with others to get materials.' While we are sticking with a more extreme version of this next map, some of the items in the previous map where just not needed as much. For example, as plains could be the fastest food producers, after you got a decent shipment of food, you did not need another shipment for months.

    Hopefully the above will give you great inside knowledge to why we changed what we did for this map!

    Islands Layout:
    We decided to solve many complaints about trade by making shipping lines easier to navigate. We decided to make a drastic change to the map and make it island based instead of a continent. This will stop those hard to navigate rivers to move mass amounts of goods around the map.

    Mines and Foundries:
    We have a new mine system into empires, replacing the biome specific function of last map! These mines will produce a single type of item and be usable by whoever has access to a chunk. In order to work a mine or foundry, you need to place down a furnace. In order for the mine to work, simply right click the furnace to spawn ore around it. With mines, you do not need to place coal inside the furnace for it to work. Foundries on the other hand work just like previous biome restrictions, so only certain materials can be smelted in specific foundry chunks.

    Mines and foundries both have daily limits that are randomized, and also have a limit until they break as well. If you reach the daily limit, you must wait 24 hours until you can use the mine or foundry again. If your mine or foundry breaks, it will tell you what you need to repair it and how much of the material you need.

    Alchemy Labs:
    Alchemy labs are an interesting new concept for Empires, and hopefully will result in great merchanting empires! Alchemy labs can take anything made or mined in foundries or mines and turn it into gold. This gold then can be exchanged at a city bank for coins.

    Alchemy labs are not limited to daily or repair limits!

    An official guide to how much gold per item will come soon, feel free to experiment however!

    Interesting statistics of the old map:
    • The map lasted seven months and two weeks.
    • There was a total of 151,536 transactions in the economy.
    • The amount of coins lost to the city banks at the end of the map: 11,297,805
    • There was 393,951 gold nuggets left in all banks around the world. If they were sold at tradehub for profit, it equates to 3,151,608 coins.
    Highest Blacksmith Experience:
    1. Terrverold with 49,086,079
    2. Darkwood with 40,637,610
    3. The Dominion with 17,444,443
    4. The Valkorian Empire with 13,968,776
    5. Roccosthom with 3,391,625
    6. Utopia with 778,143
    7. Starfall with 297,045
    8. Ninkotopia with 95,230
    9. The Shadow of Iromar with 7,860


    • City invaders must be above 62 blocks to successfully invade a city chunk now.
    • Fixed an issue where a dropped flag from a territory invasion did not show.
    • Added the command "/d joinwar". This will, if invited via alliance, allow your empire to join the war on the side of your alliance.
    • Fixed an issue where occupied chunks could not be edited by defending parties.
    Empires Chat:
    • If your empire is not apart of an alliance but has vassals or is a vassal, you can now use alliance chat.
    • Titans are now prime only.
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