Empires Weekly (July 1st, 2017)

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    Hello Mystians!

    Welcome to the second round of Empires' Weekly! We will continue to give weekly updates for you guys!

    • Fixed an issue where occupied city chunks would not show up on dynmap.
    • Added the ability to retake territory under enemy control as long as the enemy team is online.
    • Fixed an issue where subleasing would not work.
    • Fixed city capture.
    • Changed the city name on your scoreboard to red if the chunk is occupied by a foreign power during war.
    • Added Group Parcel Permissions. See more below!
    • Changed blacksmith XP for official empires to be per person instead of per empire. This only affects Dawnhaven.
    General Updates:
    • Fixed an issue where players could not place banners on shields.
    Future Plans:
    With the last content poll and the general feel of this map being over, we want to make this map memorable. We want to end this map with a bang, so we are going to turn the current map into a quick round of Empire Wars! This will start within the next week or so, and will be all out war.

    Starting tonight, we will be doing 5x blacksmith experience! This is to get everyone geared up for the all out war coming soon!

    Next Map Sneak Peak:
    Here is a sneak peak into the next map! This is an overview of the generation without much detail.
    More information about next map will be released next week!

    Group parcel permissions:
    We added the ability for give a group of players permissions to a parcel, instead of giving each person permissions. In order to do this, just simply do the command "/l gp <group_name> [parcel_name] [city_name]" (Note that <> means required argument and [] means optional argument).

    Empires Content Poll #004

    Thanks to all 19 of you who participated on the recent content poll for Empires! We got two more responses than last poll!

    Just note: In order for the items to pass, they must have at least 60.0% of the vote. If something is clearly on the fence, we may re-poll it on a future date.

    Here are the final results of the poll!

    Question 1:
    • Should we add blacksmith NPC's into Empires? These NPC's would not generate experience for your empire nor generate any jewels, but will produce whatever your empire's level can produce as long as you give them the materials. They would work 24/7 as long as you have the funds in your city bank.
      • Yes - 89.5% (17)
      • No - 10.5% (2)
    Question 2:
    • Should we add the ability for larger airships to have stained clay and terracotta?
      • Yes - 84.2% (16)
      • No - 15.8% (3)
    Question 3:
    • Should we add a Forward Operating Base (FOB) mechanic for war? This will be costly, but allow your empire mates or alliance members to spawn there upon death, as a choice from the spawn portal. These FOB's will be easily taken out by the enemies, and be costly, but will produce a very valuable asset to your empire or alliance.
      • Yes - 84.2% (16)
      • No - 15.8% (3)
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