Empires Weekly (January 18th, 2018)

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    Whaaaat, another dev blog in less than a week?! What madness has befallen this world?!

    Blacksmith NPCs:
    Introducing one of the most requested updates for Empires, blacksmith NPC's! With these npc's, your empire can keep producing tools and armor for your empire, even when everyone is offline!

    You can hire a blacksmith npc by running the command "/blacksmith hirenpc <name>". This will cost 600,000 coins. They also take a fee of 180 coins every 5 minutes of work from your empire bank, so they are not cheap. (Please note with the names, you may not reference any name or username on the server in either a satirical or literal way. Please come up with original names, perhaps even "Smith". Failure to follow this rule will result in staff firing this NPC. Also note that you cannot change the name after you hire them.)

    After you hire the NPC, you will have to set his source chest, dropoff chest, and anvil locations. You can do this by right clicking the npc and follow the menu given to you. These chests and anvil an be as far or as close as you want.

    Once you set the chests and anvil, you need to get some projects in the queue. These npc's can hold up to 36 blacksmith projects. Do note that the source chest needs to be filled with the materials that the npc's will need to smith your projects.

    You can also set how often the npc will drop off equipment made from 1 item to 9 items.

    End of the map war:
    We have decided (due to the poll vote) to end the map with a bang. Starting Jan. 26th at about 5 PM to 7 PM mountain time, we will be setting every nation at war with each other, winner taking 100k in jewels (75k donated by Bloodraven, 25k from the network). There is also a new rule for this war:
    • Since this war is a free for all, there is no defending other nations, no matter what. If the nation is under attack, you may not help defend in any way.

    • All military naval ships can now have torches on them.
    • Removed glass from the cannon sub-craft type.
    • Gauss cannons now require the full 64 gunpowder to fire, they will no longer fire with only one piece of gunpowder loaded.
    • Everyone's experience has been multiplied by 20 for the end war. We will work on re-balancing it for next map.
    • For determining whether an invasion tower can be placed, adjacent territory that has an active invasion tower will be counted as not under your control. This will prevent attacking behind enemy lines.
    • Invasion towers on your own territory no longer count for determining if invasion towers can be placed in foreign land, and if foreign city chunks can be invaded. Only captured territory and captured city chunks will count now.
    Content Poll #006:

    We had to do a repoll for those who voted due to a couple of people wanting to change their vote and a tie between how we should change blacksmith.

    Question 1:
    • Since the Blacksmith vote was majority to change, but undecided on how, we are going to re-vote on the options. We have also changed the options slightly due to the comments we received.
      • (TOGGLEABLE) Half the time needed for each item, but double the material costs for each item. - 46.2% (6)
      • (TOGGLEABLE) When Blacksmith NPC's arrive, have an option to pay for the xp earned by them. The rate would be 2 coins for each xp. Currently, blacksmith npcs will not earn your empire XP. - 53.8% (7)
    Question 2:
    • Should the recipe for Gunpowder yield 8 pieces instead of 2? This change would take effect immediately.
      • Yes - 100.0% (13)
      • No - 0.0% (0)
    Question 3:
    • (REPOLL FROM #001) Should we make the smaller version of airships available for non-prime members? This would include but not be limited to Blimps and Biplanes.
      • Yes - 69.2% (9)
      • No - 30.8% (4)
    Question 4:
    • Should we have an end of the map war starting within a month? After this war, there would be a new map with changes that the staff have been noting from this map.
      • Yes - 76.9% (10)
      • No - 21.3% (3)

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