Empires Weekly (August 23rd, 2017)

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    These are still weekly right?

    Hello Mystians! Today we are bringing a long awaited update to you, Kill Contracts!

    New Content
    Kill Contracts:
    Kill contracts are finally here, so grab your gear and get ready to fight some bosses for some loot!

    You can start a kill contract by talking to Weasel in the underground tavern to the South-East of Starry. As of now, we only have easy bosses, but don't let that fool you, they are not easy. Purchase a contract from Weasel and then go talk to the party creator. From there, you can create a party, ready up, invite others, and start!

    Once you start, there is no going back. If you die in the arena, you will lose your items. Contracts are not refunded and are used as soon as you go into the arena. Any death by disconnect, server restart, or any other event are not going to be refunded.

    Do be warned, bosses have various mechanics that differ from each other. Learn from your deaths and perfect the strategy to beat them!

    Blacksmith Repair:
    We have added the ability to repair items though blacksmith as voted on in a recent poll! Depending on the durability left on an item, it will ask you for a certain amount of items to repair, and take time depending on how damaged it is to fully repair the item.

    Economy Update:
    We have doubled the value of gold recently, to allow for quicker development.

    Pirate Updates:
    Pirates have been re-worked slightly to have an in built system for raiding cities. Pirates now much wait five minutes after going on the prowl before they can raid someone. When they are on the prowl, you now will get a heads up about it, with a countdown timer to when the raid could happen.

    More updates regarding pirates are in the works and will be announced when they are done.

    Airship Updates:
    We have added more military airship types to go along with the vast sizes found in watercraft. These new craft names for airships are:
    • Biplane
    • Interceptor
    • Fighter
    • Attacker
    • Bomber
    • FlyingFortress
    Details of each can be found on our wiki page here!

    Updates and Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with auto-eat where carrots would not be consumed.
    • Fixed the issue where per player permissions were not deleting when a specified empire was given.
    • Fixed an issue where trying to make string out of wool was not working.
    • Fixed an issue where Lapis Mines could require lapis blocks to repair.
    • Added the ability to smelt prime bonds at an alchemy lab.
    • Fixed an issue where banks would not be removed when an empire is deleted.
    • Fixed Territory Towers to give the correct items corresponding to which biome they are in.
    • Removed experience from blacksmith repair.
    • Made the time easier to understand with blacksmith repairs.
    • Fixed an issue where the Stone Sword would require 2 sticks.
    • Fixed an issue where you would not get experience if you paused a project and resumed later.

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