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    Empires' Rules
    Edited May 13 2020
    *All rules are effective immediately upon being updated on this post*
    Text in Yellow are recent additions or changes.

    Server Rules:
    • Violating any of these rules will result in action being taken against you.
    • We do not ban for a simple rule being broken, but we don't turn the other way either.
    • If you discover a loophole or exploit, report it to staff immediately. Prompt reporting of bugs and exploits may yield bounties, however abusing them for self-gain will result in any gains being deleted or destroyed and potential temp bans.
    • All rules are enforced by the spirit and intent and not by the exact wording.
    • Rules lawyering is allowed for justifying an action but attempts at using red tape to get away with clear rule breaking will not be tolerated.
    • Any contract signed on the forums is enforced by staff. Terms may not be violated.
      • (This rule has been enforced for a while, but we're now adding it to the rules.)
    • Staff word is final.

    General Rules:
    • All chat in-game that isn’t in Global Channel must be done from the perspective of your character. If your character doesn’t know, you don’t know.
    • Your character cannot be suicidal. You must value your life.
    • Destroying buildings or infrastructure in wilderness will be considered griefing. Breaking in and looting is fine, but blowing up or burning down is not. Vehicles such as airships do not count as infrastructure and if left unwatched in wilderness may be stolen.
    • Taunting, harassing, verbal abuse, deliberate misinformation on official matters such as rules and all those fun things are not allowed. If you feel somebody is doing so, do not respond or engage, just report it to staff.

    Role Play Rules:
    • Nerd-poles (single block towers) in any direction to either get altitude, cross a gap, or any other direction are hereby bannable.
    • Ships now require to be shaped like a boat, and must either visually look steam, diesel, or sail powered.
    • Empire names, city names, or building names must not be real life names. E.g. no "America with capital Washington DC" as the name. You can have a system similar to the real life place, but it must be fantasy.
    • Cities must be visually appealing. Cities without buildings and or just a bunker are hereby bannable. This is an RP server, not a factions server. If blown up, they will be rolled back.
    • The official theme of the server is medieval dieselpunk (Steampunk in the slight future, 1920's - 1933). Failure to follow this theme will result in action being taken against you.
    • God Modding is not allowed. This is when you control the actions of another player without their input, such as forcing them to act upon something without them doing it themselves. You have to give the person a chance to react, and must be able to react to everything.
    • Dying, killing, and suffering are terrible things in real life, and we want it to be the same on the server. If you kill yourself or others for fun and not in rp, actions may be taken against you.
    • Metagaming is not allowed. This is when you use out of RP knowledge to influence actions within RP. Only anything in-game, #general Mystian Discord text channel, and locked nation Discord channels can be used within RP. Anything from any other source is not considered within RP and as such usage of such information within RP will be considered Metagaming.
    Empires Rules:
    • Empire betrayal will result in a ban. This refers to griefing your empire, or working against your empire for those outside your empire (including yourself if you leave). If you leave your empire voluntarily, you must return all items belonging to the empire (up to the empire's discretion). Griefing here means working against your empire for no purpose other than to cause grief.
    • All empires must have a description posted on the forums. Failure to create one within 1 week of being formed may result in the empire being forcibly disbanded.
    • Empires with no active players may be disbanded. The time for what’s considered inactive is 1 week for empires with less than three players or 1 month for empires with more than three players. Alt accounts still only count as one player.
    • If your empire makes a rule, it is up to the Empire to enforce it. Working against your empire for personal gain or for others inside your empire is allowed, but no griefing.
    • All Alts, Family members, and IRL friends must be part of the same empire or crew. If people in two opposed empires are found to share the same IP address, one or both may be banned. If you have a justifiable reason for such a person being in a different group, please contact staff to explain it to them.
    • If two parties are set to cold with one other, then if one enters the borders of another, the party who was trespassed upon is free to KOS them. (Kill on sight, no role play needed.)
    • If two parties are set to hostile, then it is free KOS in wilderness as well as the rules for cold.
    • No raiding parties: No matter the relationship status between two parties, you are not allowed to enter the other's territory or city with the intent to kill others. A war is required.
    Shadow/Light Rules:
    • Kill Task: Shadow Persons can ignore the "No raiding parties" rule only if it is required to complete a Dark Task; however, they may only kill their target and kill in self-defense. They may kill their target on sight (KOS).
    • Conversion Incursion: Light Paladins can ignore the "No raiding parties" once per day with the intent to convert a shadow person to the light. This is not KOS, and can only kill the target after engaging in RP and the target refuses to convert. If the paladin dies, that ends their conversion incursion for the day.

    Settling Rules:
    • Empire and city names must be realistic and non-explicit. Arstotska or The Burning Crusade would be okay, but something like JakesSexPalace or xXxLEGIONxXx would be a strict no.
    • Duplicating, impersonating, or mirroring other empire or city names is not allowed.
    • “Border Gore” is strictly prohibited. Border gore is defined as long, narrow extrusions of claimed territories or claims which encircle large areas without claiming the interior. If your empire map looks like a snake or swiss cheese, that’s border gore.
    • If you settle over someone’s railway, roadway, waterway, etc. You must find out who owns it and negotiate fair usage and/or rerouting. For the purpose of these negotiations RP is not mandatory. Keep in mind that pre-existing infrastructure that’s settled over falls under the same protections as wilderness infrastructure.
    • Territory towers must be exposed to sunlight and situated such so that an admin can approach the sign on the tower without flying while carrying levers for placing.
    • Your empire must be settled on land and have an over 40% landmass claimed.

    Combat Rules:
    • Combat logging, teleporting, lag switching, or other such exploitative means to get unfair advantage in combat will be punished harshly. This includes use of Worldedit or alcohol. Booze is for love, not war.
    • If you are going to engage a player, try to get them to surrender first. If they do not respond (stopping to type counts as responding) within 15 seconds, you may fire a warning shot, and again in another 15 seconds if they still don’t respond. If after 3 warning shots (one minute) they still haven’t responded, you’re free to engage. If they do respond with a refusal to surrender you may engage immediately.
    • If a character is cooperating they may not be harmed. If they go against your demands you may hurt but not kill them. If they continue to go against your demands or attempt to re-engage or flee you may kill them.
    • You may only hold a player up for up to 30 minutes unless allowed by the held player. If they refuse to go longer, you have to release them. They have places to be and things to do too.
    • Logging out while still under the debuffs from a surrender counts as combat logging.
    • Surrender and cooperation protections extend to airships and other vehicles as well. If a surrendered airship refuses to cooperate shots may be fired to disable their controls. If a surrendered airship continues to refuse cooperation or attempts to re-engage, they and all crew may be destroyed.
    • The "Value your life" rule can be ignored in times where you are defending your empire in engagements within your own territory. (i.e. you can resist surrender).
    • If at war and an enemy team logs in, you may not log off for five minutes.
    • If your empire is at war or was declared on, members of your empire may not leave or get kicked to become a mercenary for either side.
    • If you are in pursuit of someone, you may chase them into cities or territory and engage them.
      • Pursuit is defined as being near a player and having the party actively running away.
    • Your empire can send volunteers to help out a side in war without joining the war, but there are drawbacks.
      • Your empire may not send volunteers if a treaty exists between your empire and the empire you would be going against (E.G. Non aggression pact, alliance, etc.).
      • You would be granting a casus belli against your empire from the empire you are going to attack. This casus belli only lasts until two weeks after the war is over.

    Pirate Rules:

    Air/Naval Ship Rules:
    • Air/Naval ships cannot change types partway through a flight.
    • Air/Naval ships moored or parked inside claimed cities may not be stolen.
    • Civilian ships may not have mounted weapons of any kind
    • Merchant ships may not engage in combat, only return fire if engaged by another ship.
    • Air/Naval crashes may be considered kamikaze acts and will be investigated. Deliberate crashes may result in staff action being taken against the pilot.
    • All ships and airships are only 100% safe if an anchor block is attached to them. Sometimes, even putting blocks around the ship or airship can still result in them being stolen.

    Water Rules:
    • Ships have freedom of the waters and cannot be denied entry through any body of water, even if you control that section unless you are at war, or performing some other rp event).
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