Empires Content Poll #001

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    Hello Mystians!

    Thanks to all 14 of you who participated on the first content poll for Empires! We hope to make this poll a more common thing that we do, as we love to hear what the community thinks of our ideas!

    Just note: In order for the items to pass, they must have at least 60.0% of the vote. If something is clearly on the fence, we may re-poll it on a future date.

    Here are the final results of the poll!

    Question 1:
    • Should we add a train system into Empires? This system will allow empires to build a train station that will link up with Starry (the starter city) and will depart every 15 minutes. This will not be a physical system but more of an automated teleport system. From Starry, you can go to any other city as long as they have a train station. Traveling on this system will require buying a ticket and the price will be dependant on the distance traveled.
      • Yes - 78.6% (11)
      • No - 21.4% (3)
    Question 2:
    • Should Territory Towers generate resources for your empire as a way to incentivise expanding your territory? These resources would appear in your bank and be able to be withdrawn whenever.
      • Yes - 78.6% (11)
      • No - 21.4% (3)
    Question 3:
    • Should we make the smaller version of airships available for non-prime members? This would include but not be limited to Blimps and Biplanes.
      • Yes - 50.0% (7)
      • No - 50.0% (7)
    Question 4:
    • Should earning jewels though Blacksmithing be a chance every second instead of after every product? This will result in a more even distribution of jewels, as well as an increase if you are smithing larger items such as diamond equipment. The downside would be you cannot hit the 'jackpot' of jewels after smithing diamond horse armor.
      • Yes - 85.7% (12)
      • No - 14.3% (2)

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