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    Hello Mystians!

    In this dev blog, we did a ton of bug fixes as well as organized things to make life easier.

    • Added a leather section in which you can now smith leads, leather armor, and saddles.
    • Added a quartz section in which you can smith uninfused shards and endstone (The new end their ship block.)
    • Fixed an issue where projects would not save upon server restarts.
    • Default recipes have been edited slightly to increase challenge.
    • 8 additional recipes have been added.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not load cannons with gunpowder or it's shot.
    • Added a ricochet mechanic if the shot cannot penetrate the armor of the block.
    • City invade command now works for chunks touching the wilderness.
    • Added land parcel info command.
    • Fixed an issue in the group set command. It should now work as intended at all times.
    • Land lease info now can look at the lease of another player, if the player using the command has permission.
    • Land rent now displays permissions for the rental.
    • Land rent command now works as intended at all times.
    • Added a way to see the progress of flag capturing (invasion towers) or city chunk claiming using the action bar.
    • Fixed an issue where the sublease did not get removed if the main lease holder's lease expired.
    • Fixed a bug where temp subleases would not be deleted if their super lease / lessor could not be found.
    • Fixed a typo in the peace deal command.
    • Fixed a typo in the city invade command.
    • Added a cooldown for the attackers if they lose an attack against a territory tower.
    • Fixed an issue where if you changed a relation to another empire, it would not tell you.
    • Fixed an issue with the land create command where it would not default to the city you are in.
    • Added if you are capturing a city chunk and you step outside of it, it will pause the timer instead of ending it and having to restart it. If the invader dies, the timer will end.
    • Added an ability to auto lease parcels where if you set the group to it multiple people cannot rent the same parcel.
    • Added the ability for attackers to have more than one invasion tower, equal to those defenders online.
    • Fixed an issue where lease commands would say internal error instead of telling you what went wrong.

    Empires Chat
    • Fixed an issue where the city mayor would not be considered an official.
    • Added tab completion for channel names.
    Empires Protect
    • Added blocking of people running in and shearing your sheep. Those horrible people.
    • Added new permission for cities and parcels to allow players to damage and destroy minecarts. Minecarts can no longer be destroyed by players by default.
    • Added stock levels to the website even when status is set to none.
    • Added max stock levels to the website.
    • Fixed a bug where watercraft could fly.
    • Added aircrafts for prime only.
    • Added empires protect integration to protect against torpedoes and ASM's.
    • Changed the watercraft and aircraft names.
    • Added the ability for the smaller military ships to have cannons.
    • Added Lapis blocks as anchors.
    Mystian Core
    • Fixed a bug where bonds would not be removed from your inventory upon redeeming it.
    Mystian Extras
    • Added the ability for cactus to grow in deserts instead of plains.
    • Removed the baiting rules from the server. Instead, it would amount to a free casus belli against your empire if you bait people.
    • Value your life can be ignored in times where you are defending your empire in engagements within your own territory. (I.e. you can resist surrender).
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