Empires 1.0.0 The War, Economy, and Bug Fix Update

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    Hello Mystians! Today is the big day, we are finally releasing the 1.0 update! Sorry for the delay on this dev blog, it took forever to write.

    The War Update Part 1:

    War System:

    The long awaited war system is now released! This system is very complex and is very different than any other server you would have played on before. I will break down the steps you need to do in order to declare war, how the battles will work, and how victory or defeat is achieved.

    Do note we have designed this war system to be very long and difficult, and not an easy 5 minute faction battle. Wars should last at least 2 weeks depending on the size of the sides of the war.

    Step 1: Declaring War:
    In order to declare war on the server, you must first ask an admin to evaluate a casus belli for your attack. A casus belli is a reason to go to war, and it has many advantages if yours gets approved. So how do you submit one? Basically, you need to guess either a great way to fool us admins, or you need to have an actual in stone excuse such as they bombed your trade mission.

    Once we give you the yay or nay on your casus belli, it is now up to you if you want to go to war or not. Your approval, if obtained, will only last you a week, so you cannot store a casus belli for later use.

    You may be asking "What does it matter having a good reason or not to go to war?" Well there are many advantages in having an approved casus belli, such as:
    • Less times you must collect from the territory tower to capture it.
    • Less time in taking city chunks.
    • More international support for your cause.
    If you feel as though you are willing to go into declaring war, the next steps are as follows:
    • You must go to the forums and announce your declaration of war 24 hours in advance from the first assault. There is a section of forums to do this.
    • The forum post must be well thought out and explain why the war is happening. This is a great place to gather support for your cause.
    • Do note that this is seen as an official war declaration on the server, even though no arrows were fired yet. The United Empires, other empires, or even the empire your attacking can act on it by asking for aid, building defences, etc. They may not however attack you first. Whoever declares war gets the first assault.
    After the 24 hours have passed, an admin will restart the server and generate a backup of the world, and officially start the war.

    Step 2: Those Pesky Territory Towers:
    Territory towers are the only buffer between you and your adversaries cities. They are hard to take, and where the majority of bloody battles are going to take place.

    To start a territory tower invasion, you must build an invasion tower. The invasion tower is the same structure as a regular territory tower, but with coal blocks instead of the iron blocks and a redstone block instead of the lapis. This must be built on the outside chunk of the enemies territory tower's radius of claim.

    Territory tower battles is a giant capture the flag game where both sides can respawn on their tower, and must capture the enemies Myst Collector (if attacking), or Myst Disruptor (if defending). The defending party only has to capture your disruptor once to stop the attack, while the attacking party has to either capture the collector 3 times with casus belli, or 5 times without.

    To get your team going, have them right click the sign on the invasion tower to join the attacking party. These are the people who will be able to respawn on the invasion tower, instead of back at your city. It has limited room based on how many defenders are going to do the same to their territory tower.

    Step 3: Take the city:
    After you have pushed to their city borders, you can start taking the city. Each chunk will either take you 8 minutes with casus belli or 12 without. You have to take over 75% of the city for it to become part of your empire. Remember that the battle can go both ways, and you may gain a chunk just to lose a chunk in a different area.

    Step 4: Finish the Fight:
    Once all cities are under your control the war is over.

    Surrender terms can be negotiated in RP. If someone asks for a truce to discuss surrender terms, you may not engage them. The actual surrender system will be in next war update, but the admins will run any current peace deals.

    War Rules:
    • If your empire is at war, you may not build new territory towers.
    • City states cannot declare war on an empire (As defined by having more than one city).
    • Empires can however declare war on a city state.
    • After war, the areas devastated are forced to roll back, unless the original holder of the land wishes otherwise.
    Alliance Chat:
    We have added an alliance chat to the server! If your empire is in an alliance with another empire, you can now talk directly official to official. Non-official status members will not be able to read your messages. You can access this chat by doing /ch alliance.

    I have gotten many questions about this from empire leaders, and until we get a solid system down for this, this is how a rebellion can happen. Rebellions can only happen in an empire with more than one city. If the citizens are unhappy with the rule in a city state, until we get a new system that is built in, they can just leave it.

    However for the empires with more than one city, if some of the citizens are unhappy with their rule and wish to overthrow the government, it has to be a joint effort as posted on the forums between them and an outside foreign power (meaning another empire, not a city state). This will give a full casus belli from the original government against the foreign power. The post must follow the war rules given above, such as the 24 hour advance notice of this upcoming armed rebellion. The rebellion would have to take over the second city using only the gear given to them by the foreign power, and will have to hold it for an hour. After that hour, the city will become a separate empire and the two empires will go to war for control of the empire.

    This system is not 100% accurate to what the future system will be, but it is a way for staff to test the waters with a rebellion system.

    Economy Update:


    Banks are now in! For those who have been following our development for the last year or so, you will remember us talking about banks. These are similar to those proposed banks, but better.

    In order to access your city balance, deposit or withdraw from your city bank, you need a bank. Banks are made by making a 3x3x3 gold block cube with a sign in the middle of one of the sides.

    Please note some of the rules that come with banks:
    • Your banks must be available for an admin to walk up to, same as territory towers.
    • Iron doors are allowed to block the bank vault, as admins ignore those.
    • Banks must be above ground.
    • Banks must be in a building that can easily pass as a bank. A cube of wood is not allowed.
    • If these rules are broken, an admin will remove your bank.
    Banks allow you to also exchange gold and emeralds into your personal account for less than at tradehub. When you make the bank, you will see that it has a gold nugget balance of 0. If anyone exchanges gold or emeralds at your bank, the amount of stored nuggets goes up. You could then take these nuggets and trade them at tradehub for a profit. If you try to buy any gold or emeralds and your bank does not have any, it won't complete the trade.

    Player Run Shops:
    We have re-coded part of our economy plugin to allow player run shops. In order to create a player shop, you need to have a building that works as a shop. As with the banks, if a staff member sees a shop that doesn't make sense location wise, we will remove your shop without refunding your stock.

    To create your shop, enter the command "/ms create SHOPNAME".
    To define the region your shop is, do the commands "/ms set1 SHOPNAME" and "/ms set2 SHOPNAME". These commands will set the corners of your new shop.

    Now you need to add stock to your shop. To add stock, put the item you want to sell in your hand and type "/ms add AMOUNT". IF you type in "/ms add 256" and you have cobblestone in your hand, it will add 256 cobblestone into your shop.

    To make it tradable, you need to type in the command "/ms status Cobblestone BUY,SELL,TRADE".
    • If "buy", the item may be purchased from your shop.
    • If "sell", the item may be sold to your shop.
    • If "trade", the item may be both bought and sold.
    Once you do that, it will become visible on the website for others to see.

    To set the prices of the items, you can do the commands "/ms buyprice ITEM PRICE" and "/ms sellprice ITEM PRICE". These prices will automatically update to the website.

    So with the ability to set your own prices, I want to make a note here on what we are trying to achieve. With this update, we hope merchants will start trading a ton of goods between empires. What we don't want is a non-competitive market where everyone's prices are the same. If you set your prices to slightly under tradehub's, merchants won't want to take the time to buy your goods to trade elsewhere, whereas if your goods are about 50% of tradehub's prices, there will be a huge incentive to go over and buy from your shop. Food for thought.

    Here is the link to the website for all trade shops:

    General Updates:

    Colored Tags:

    You may have noticed the colored tags in the tab menu and the colored tags above player's head. We figured more color in the server would be a good thing. Enjoy.

    Chest Protections:
    We have changed it so that if a person does not have permission to open a chest in your city, and they can build in your city, they cannot break the chest. This has happened a couple of times with griefers and this change should fix it. It is also fixed with regards to parcels.

    Resource Pack Update:
    If you have played the server in the last couple of days, you probably noticed the removal of the missing texture issue. We have also removed some unused files and fixed white wool to look the same as the other wool types (bug if using optifine only).

    Reduced the price of Territory Tower's Maintenance:
    We have drastically reduced the curve the territory tower's maintenance would take. If you look at it basically, we reduced the cost of territory towers by about 2/5ths.

    Elevator use in any territory or empire:
    We have changed it so that anyone can use elevators anywhere there are any. This comes with a potential security risk, so I will warn everyone once about this now: IF YOU HAVE A BUTTON WITH A SIGN ABOVE IT, ANYONE CAN CLICK THAT BUTTON! You have been warned.

    Admins no longer roll back empire grief:
    We have decided to change how empire grief and roll backs work. If you give someone permission to do something, such as withdraw funds from your bank, look in chests, etc. then it is your responsibility to keep them in line. If someone you give permission to look in chests and they steal your diamonds, then it is not our job to roll it back. We will punish the player if they blatantly try to sabotage your empire, but if they do stuff that you didn't want but allowed them to do it is not on us to roll it back.

    Death Punishments:
    We have removed the punishment of you lose money on death and replaced it with a more creative punishment. If you die more than once in twelve hours, you cannot use your home portal. We have been stressing the value your life rule, but there are some who choose to ignore it, then always play the "it was an accident" card. So with this change, if you die more than once, you cannot quick travel home. If you are found to not be valuing your life to quick travel on the server, you will be punished by staff. This of course will not be in effect if you are at war.

    Dynmap Territory Towers:
    We have added a way to view all territory towers on the live map. This is to help the empire leaders plan out their territory more accurately as well as aid in the peace deal once the second part of the war update comes out.

    Brewery Update:
    We have added a small easter egg into brewery. If you drink too much, there is a chance that you could black out and get kicked from the server, and have difficulty rejoining.

    Miscellaneous updates:
    • Fixed a bug where multiple bonds could be redeemed for only 2 weeks of prime.
    • Fixed a typo with creating home portals.
    • Changed the color of helper rank to yellow from dark blue.
    • Fixed a bug where new cities would not be considered in the same empire until server restart.
    Find us on Discord:
    We have a large discord server that is all about the network! If you have discord, use this link below to join:
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    Any chance we can get notification when you change or plan to change transportation objects?

    My rowboat is now an anchor and my tank is now a door stop. It makes it a challenging to play.

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