Empires 0.9.9 (The 'Full' Release)

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    Hello Mystians!

    This day has been a long time coming, and it is finally here! The 'full' release of Empires! Why the quotes though? While this is the official release of Empires, war is not implemented yet. Now, before this was to release anyways, we decided to not allow wars to happen for the first two weeks as it is, as only warmongers for the sake of warmongering would attempt to attack someone when they first settled.

    So what are the changes for this update? Glad you asked, the updates are as follows:

    Airships Prime Only
    As we regret to say, airships are causing more issues with lag than ever before. We never wanted it to come to this, but airships are now prime only until otherwise changed. Regular users can however use any type of tank or watercraft they see fit.

    Watercraft speed increased
    With this update, the speed of the watercraft have been increased.

    Rivers and biomes enlarged.
    We used a custom generator to generate the new map of Mysto! If you check out our dynmap, you can see that the rivers, biomes, and many other things have been enlarged. This is due to many changes listed below!

    The RP update part 1
    The long awaited (not as long as war, but close) update to Empires is here! The Roleplay update part one is officially live, and it comes with new rules, actions, and fun to the server!
    New Rules:
    • Nerdpoles (single block towers) in any direction to either get altitude, cross a gap, or any other direction are hereby bannable.
    • Ships now require to be shaped like a boat, and must either visually look steam powered or have sails.
    • Airships now need to have a balloon attached to them, and must again be like a ship.
    • Empire names, city names, or building names must not be real life names. E.g. no "America with capital Washington DC" as the name. You can have a system similar to the real life place, but it must be fantasy.
    • Cities must be visually appealing. Cities without buildings and or just a bunker are hereby bannable. This is an RP server, not a factions server. If blown up, they will be rolled back.
    • The official theme of the server is medieval steampunk. Failure to follow this theme will result in action being taken against you. Of course we won't be judging your first couple of days, but we will in the future.
    • There will be more rules posted to the official rules guide.
    • Dying, killing, and suffering are terrible things in real life, and we want it to be the same on the server. If you kill yourself or others for fun and not in rp, actions may be taken against you.
    • More rules can be found on the rules page, updating on the 20th of December.
    Other things included in this update is the ability to sit anywhere, using the command "/sit".
    Pirates can now start blackjack games for coins!

    New Trade and River Rules:
    With the rp update and the removal of ease of access airships, we have made the rivers easier to trade on. With that being said, Rivers now are the center of trade, and must be protected. Here are the new rules regarding all rivers.
    • You can only build 30 blocks above rivers. Any building lower than that will be deemed against the rules and removed or edited by a staff member.
    • The united empires gets full jurisdiction in regards to riverways.
    • Supports to any bridges can be installed, however they must be at least 50 blocks apart from each other and must only be for supports, no other reason.
    • Ships have freedom of the waters and cannot be denied entry through a river, even if you control that section unless you are at war, or performing some other rp event).
    • These rules are subject to change at anytime.

    Biome Specific Actions
    One of the large changes to the server to promote trade across empires is the biome specific actions. These are things that you can only do if you are in a certain biome. Here is the list so far:
    • Plains:
      • Grow Crops at normal rate. All other biomes are at 10% rate.
    • Forests (of all sort):
      • Gow trees. All other biomes cannot.
    • Desert:
      • Smelt glass. All other biomes cannot.
    • Extreme Hills:
      • Smelt smoothstone. All other biomes cannot.
    This list is completely subject to change at any time.

    Blacksmith update
    A quick blacksmith update went through today, you can now repair your goods while having a project paused. Sticks have been removed from blacksmith and can be crafted normally again.

    Cannons update
    Cannons have been overhauled! A guide to them is coming soon on the website's help guide!

    Planned changes:

    RP update part 2:
    This will include Races, more rules, and hopefully magic.

    That is all for today! Now everyone, the server is open! Go out and enjoy!
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    So we can't set up a toll route on the river? there goes my money making idea :p
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    *Amendments to the river rules:

    Canals and Oceans are now covered by the same rules.

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