Empires 0.9.0 "The Relations Update"

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    Relationships between Empires:
    The major change of this update is the ability to set your relations with other empires! This will come into play with the upcoming war update, as well as giving your citizens more of a feel for what the current political climate is with your empire. You can set your relations with another empire by doing the command "/e cr other-empire-name relation-type". If you are attempting to improve relations, it will send a prompt to the other empire asking them to confirm or deny the request.

    Relationship Tiers:
    • Enemy
    • Hostile
    • Cold
    • Wary
    • Neutral (default)
    • Friendly
    • Allied (must be in alliance)
    • Vassal (must be the owner of the vassal state)
    With the next update, we will release more information on those tiers and what they will entail.

    Alliances are the new major change to how Empires' works. Alliances are founded by an empire and members are voted in by popular vote. The alliances will be obviously based more around the war update however you can start making them now to prepare.

    In our server, we always had large alliances rather than the "I am allied to you but not you" system found in factions and towny war servers. We feel that this will allow our current community to flourish instead of pandering to the pvp faction players.

    In order to bring new empires into your alliance, you must start a vote to bring them in. You can do that by running the command "/e via other-empire true". The true is a "yes" vote from your empire. The other members of your alliance will get a prompt to vote true or false on bringing the new empire into the alliance.

    Vassals are now in and running! Vassals are autonomous states that are under direct control of the controlling empire. Vassals are automatically in the same alliance as their controlling empire, but cannot vote. Instead, the controlling empire gets an additional vote in the alliance. Vassals cannot set relations with other empires, and instead have the same relations as their controlling empire.

    Vassals cannot settle new cities, disband their empire, or abandon a city. The owner of the Vassal will have to do any changes that they see fit. The leader of the Vassal state is mostly a puppet.

    • Fixed the settlement cost for pirates.
    • Changed permissions around so an official cannot disband an empire.
    • Fixed a rare bug where the empire leader could not demote an official.

    Planned Updates:

    BlackSmith is following this update but is running a couple of days late. This will be a MAJOR overhaul to how this server is played. The next update blog coming this weekend will be all about blacksmith. Just get ready to grind out levels to make better gear!

    The war update is the next major Empires update. We hope to release this around Thanksgiving, but it may come sooner. More information will be available closer to release.

    The polish update (planned 1.0) will clean up all aspects of empires, such as typos or confusing statements. We are saving this for last because we are trying to focus on getting the core gameplay done first.

    Full Release:

    Upon the Polish update being released, we will be ready for a full stable release of Empires! This will bring youtubers, a new map, defined rules, and a great time! Updates will still come after this release, however we feel at that point the core gameplay of Empires will be done and we can spend more time on adding additional content to give a custom experience!

    We plan on releasing the new map and the full version at the start of Christmas break, about December 12th. I know we're not the best at meeting deadlines, however with this plan we have setup now, we feel that we can achieve this.

    "But wait, a map wipe?!!? Is it even worth playing now?" While some players will say no, I will say that your work in this current world will help you in the start of the new world. Blacksmith progress will result in more boosters for your empire next map, cities will result in more materials in the next map, etc.

    Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on the server!
    - Mystian Staff

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