Empires 0.8.5 "The Portal Update"

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    Hello Mystians! A couple of days after a large expansions came to Empires, we have another large content update!

    Note about last update (0.8.0):
    Territories do not give the same protections that a city does for your empire. Chests can be stolen from, doors can be opened, redstone objects can be interacted with, etc. The only thing territory protects from is settling of new cities from other empires, new empires forming, crops being trampled, and block placing and breaking. The easiest thing to think about this update is that territories can be raided.

    Cities now can only be created within your territory claims.

    When we first started working on Empires, we wanted a system where players would not ignore other players and have to travel to get places. With the initial release of Empires, we realised that players were having a hard time getting back to their empire after death, so we added the temporary solution of "/home".

    After 8 Major releases, we have finally come up with a solution that is both RP friendly and fair to the players. Your city can now make a nether portal (with required dimensions) that a player can go though to get back to their city. This portal costs an initial 10,000 coins to create, and an hourly maintenance of 20.83 coins. The main portal you go though to get back to your city is in DawnHaven, and is behind the stairs in the new tutorial building (Strait after spawning). Only players with Member rank or higher can get into the portal however, so if you have not already, buy member rank though the "/jewelshop".

    To make this portal, you must be the Empire leader, an Empire official, or the mayor of the city. You must make a 3x3 nether portal. After you build it, light it, then place a sign on the top front of the portal to activate it. If it throws an error, it will tell you what went wrong so you can fix it.

    Now that we have portals released, we will be removing the "/home" command from everyone. This change will upset some of you, but we have never been planning on keeping it around. It has been used too many times to get out of combat, to get back to the city, etc. We plan on removing it by Saturday, July 30th around midday (Mountain Standard Time).

    Pirates are now an official empire type in the server! Pirates are still whitelist only, so no one but pirates can make these new empires. They have a very small crew base (the same size of a territory claim, 21x21 chunks) and can claim new bases around the map not connected to their original.

    With pirates being whitelisted and not easy at all to obtain, we wanted to give them some advantages to give them a small edge on the server. Pirates can now do "/waterbottle X" to give themselves water bottles to put out fires on their ships. The new pirate type of airship cannot have any armor and has to be a majority of wood.

    Last note about pirates: Pirates can chose what base to spawn at after dying. This is a balance change that we feel is needed for pirates, as they will not be nearly as powerful as a well established empire. The command is "/e spp BASE".

    Dynmap is back with a vengeance! We never wanted to get rid of dynmap, so instead we re-balanced it to be the best system we can offer!

    Dynmap now requires you to log in to use it. You can register for it by doing the command "/dynmap webregister". It will give you a prompt on what to enter to log in. Navigate to this URL to enter your information. (alternatively, if you go to the main dynmap url, you can click "login" at the bottom left.)

    Dynmap will now only show you locations to the other members of your empire! This change allows us to keep using dynmap as intended, and have less of an impact on people using to track other players for malicious intent.

    Scoreboard Changes:
    As many of you may have noticed, the scoreboard has been given some love this update! The formatting around jewels have been fixed to remove the ".00" at the end, and coins now format like how "/c balance" does. We also added the region finder, so it will display where you currently are!

    We have been listening to you guys, and we now have a command to hide the scoreboard! Simply do "/sideboard hide" and it will be hidden till you login next! If you want to see the scoreboard again, do "/sideboard show".

    Empires Map:
    The command "/e map" now is properly formatted with symbols, and now displays claimed territory as well!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where portals where costing 10,000 coins an hour.
    • Fixed an issue where you would not get the right city name when you left the city. (com.mystiannetwork.empires...)
    • Frostwalker boots no longer work unless you have build permissions.
    Removing /home:
    As said above, we will be removing the "/home" command on Saturday, July 30th around mid day.
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