Empires 0.7.9 "The Pre RP Update"

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    This update is to prepare the server for the main RP update, which is coming very soon!


    Craftable Gunpowder:

    Gunpowder is now craftable within the server, making it easier to shoot cannons! To craft the gunpowder, you need 4 sand, 2 redstone and 3 coal. The crafting recipe is as follows: (Will produce 2 gunpowder)
    Sand Redstone Sand
    Coal Coal Coal
    Sand Redstone Sand

    Mandatory Empire Descriptions:

    In order to keep up with all the empires out there, and promote role play with the upcoming RP update, we decided to make mandatory forum usage for all empires. Check it out on the forums and make sure that your empire has one posted!


    We now have an advanced Ticketing system in the game! This will replace all grief reports, player reports, rollback requests and even general questions. In order to do make a ticket, you must do "/ticket DESCRIPTION" Please try to be as detailed as you can about the situation with the description. Example:
    "/ticket Player Report - Hacker1337" This tells us what the ticket is about and who it is about.

    You can after submitting a ticket add additional info by typing /rt MESSAGE. The more information you add to the ticket, the better for staff to help you.

    Please note: Any abuse of the new ticketing system will result in action taken against your account.

    Pirate Whitelist:

    All pirates from here on out must be whitelisted before they can form a crew. The request form will be made soon and available to everyone on the forums.


    Due to recent events on the server, and some grey areas regarding the engagement rules, I have added a new command into the game. This command, /surrender, will shoot a white firework up, announce your surrender to players within a 100 block radius, and give you debuffs. During this phase, you may not attack, and your adversaries cannot kill you. If you are curious or want to read on about this, check out the rules page for more information.


    Prime is our new rank that will replace Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald. We decided after much debate that having a tiered system for bonuses and rewards on the server would be too difficult to balance in the long run. With prime, it will give us the ability to manage rewards and perks much easier.

    Prime costs 10,000 jewels a month and can be renewed at any time.

    Some of the features of Prime:
    • Limited World Edit - Edit up to 128 blocks every minute with "//replace"!
    • Auto Eat - Never have to stop and chew again! The server will take the food and shove it down your mouth for you!
    • "/hat" - Wear any block on your head!
    • Basic Anti Cheat Bypass - Lagging a bit? Now the anti cheat will no longer punish you for that!
      • Note: This only applies to the basic checks. If you are cheating, the system will find out.
    • More to come!


    Rule Changes:
    Please keep up to date with the rules page, as we have added a ton of new rules regarding Empires.

    Teamspeak has been re-worked to be more efficient and welcoming. Join us at ts3.mystiannetwork.com!


    Airship Changes:
    While we are very sad to announce this, we must do it for the benefit of the server to come. Airships will no longer be nearly as massive as they used to be. After doing timings of the server and research into many other servers that run the movecraft plugin, we have decided to add new block size limits onto our ships. The new limit that will be implemented soon is 5,000 blocks. Please start planning accordingly.

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