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    This update adds more features to the parcels, including the ability to automatically rent out plots to players!


    Parcel Leases:
    Leases are the new way to give permissions to a plot while having the tenant pay or get paid for using the plot. Leases work almost the same way as permperms works, but these constitute an agreement between either the city or a player to another player.

    When creating a lease for a parcel, you need to enter this command:
    • "/land cl <PlayerName>"
      • The following parameters are optional:
        • "r:" = Rental Price. This is charged every 24 hours.
          • If you enter a negative price, the city will pay the tenant every 24 hours.
        • "p:" = Parcel (not needed if standing in it).
        • "i:" = Initial Price. This is the price it takes to initially rent the plot.
        • "c:" = City Name (not needed if standing in it)
        • "d:" = How long the lease will last till it expires.
          • Don't fill out for non-terminating lease.
        • "a:" = Auto terminate. Should the lease automatically terminate if the tenant cannot pay the rent. If this is false, it gives them a warning. To specify true, type "a:t".

    Mail system:
    If any of the tenants or leasee's are offline, all messages regarding rent are sent via the mail system. You can read them anytime by performing the command "/mail read".

    Auto Leases:
    • You can now set up a parcel lease to whoever wants to rent out the land without you being online.
    • This is done by doing "/land sal <duration>".
      • The duration is how long the lease lasts till it expires. This is measured in minutes.
      • This command is the same as creating a lease, but does not require a player name or a player to be online to accept.
      • This is a great way to do a hotel or parking space for an airship!


    • You now have the ability to rename groups.
    • Group names no longer have to be unique to the whole server, just your city.
    • Changed the food decay rate to 1/3rd the origional rate.
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