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    This update was a long time coming, and we made sure to jam pack it full of changes! These changes range from land management to limited world edit!


    Limited WorldEdit:
    We now have limited WorldEdit for all donator ranks! This will give the players ability to edit a good amount of blocks fast by doing the set command. As of right now, the only worldedit command for donators is the set command.

    This system utilizes your inventory to place blocks, meaning that if you try to place 64 dirt blocks but only have 52, it will only place 52. If you do the command "//set 0", the materials that are changed will be put in your inventory.

    Here are the limits for each rank and the delay that follows. These are subject to change whenever and shall not be taken as the permanent settings.
    • Iron Rank: 64 Blocks, 2 Minute Delay.
    • Gold Rank: 128 Blocks, 2 Minute Delay.
    • Diamond Rank: 256 Blocks, 2 Minute Delay.
    • Emerald Rank: 256 Blocks, No Delay.

    Empires Land:
    We now have the ability to set regions in your city and rent them out to players (Soon with paid leases)! This allows for a more modular gameplay in which you can have more players in your city and have them only have permissions to do certain actions in certain areas.

    Group Permissions:
    New group permissions are in to go hand in hand with the new parcel system. While we still have the original permissions for each group, like city build, we now have new permissions that the group can override parcel protection and build / edit in the parcel. This will allow a more modular setup for Empires that can go hand in hand with what the leader of the empire or mayor of a city wants.

    New Group Permissions:
    • Land Management
      • Allows the group to create, delete, and add permissions and players to parcels in the city.
      • You must have world edit permissions from the city in order to create parcels.
    • Parcel Build Override
      • Allows the group to build in every parcel in the city.
    • Parcel Chest Access Override
      • Allows the group to access chests in every parcel in the city.
    • Parcel Door Access Override
      • Allows the group to open and close doors in every parcel in the city.
    • Parcel Interact Override
      • Allows the group to interact with intractables in every parcel in the city.
    • Parcel Friendly Mob Kill Override
      • Allows the group to kill friendly mobs in every parcel in the city.
    • Parcel Crop Trample Override
      • Allows the group to trample crops in every parcel in the city.
    • Parcel WorldEdit Override
      • Allows the group to WorldEdit in every parcel in the city.
    Parcel Permissions:
    Added a per-player permissions system for each parcel. This gives you, the leader (or Official), the ability to let a single player build on a parcel, open containers on a parcel, etc.



    • Fixed the empire disband bug.
    • Fixed the city abandon bug.
    • Fixed the ‘/e op’ and ‘/e deop’ bug.
    • ‘/c info’ now shows offline players as well as online players.
    • Fixed a bug where players could ‘/e op’ themselves and others.
    • Fixed a bug where only non-city-leaders within an empire could ‘/e op’ others.
    • Changed icon of withdrawal of bank withdraw from golden pickaxe to golden ingot.

    • Added ‘Anti-Crop Trample’ to stop outsiders from ruining your farm.
    • Added ‘Anti-Crop Trample’ Permission node for your groups.
    • Fixed the Door permission, it now shows up in the ‘/g perms’ menu.
    • Fixed the issue where players could place water in other cities land.
    • Added ‘WorldEdit’ protection as a toggle permission.
    • Arrows no longer kill mobs in a city's territory without permission.

    • All city borders are now maxed size. This is because of some future changes.
    • World-Border Shrunk from 50,000 blocks to 30,000.
    • Removed the ability to ‘WorldEdit’ in the wilderness.
    • Added the first Grand Exchange booth in DawnHaven.
    • Rule Changes.
    • People can now do "//wand" to get a wand, and select regions to make parcels as non-donators.

    • Changed the render type to render faster.
    • Added city borders on dynmap.
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