Empires 0.6.6

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    • Added an agree to rules TOS when you first start playing Empires. This will prevent people from stating that they did not read the rules or that they did not agree to the rules.
      • If a player does not agree to the rules, they are kicked from the server.
      • If a player does not accept or deny, they are not allowed to place / break blocks or move.
    • The Grand Exchange is in!!! Guide coming soon. "/ge open" to start.
      • Only certain items are in. More will come soon.

    • Did some small changes to airships. More will come in later updates.
    • Rule Changes.

    • Still working on two other plugins now, and they should be here for Empires 0.7.0 in a month or so.
    • We have begin work on Empires for 1.9, expect this in the next update (if all goes right)
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