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    • A more advanced protect system for your city is now in!
    • Group management inside your city now is fully working and has more options! Organize your players, prevent new players from accessing chests, etc!
    • New type of Ship: Sloop
    • New type of Airship: AirSloop (See the airship help post)
    • "/c desc" now is in effect. Set your cities description with ease! (See "New Rules" Below).

    • Cannons are now made of 3 Iron blocks instead of 3 Black Wool blocks. This is to provide more balance in the game. (See below "Cannons Balance".)
    • AirSkiff now limited to 1024 blocks instead of the previous 512.
    • We have removed the local chat and other RP chats for the time being. Right now we're currently on a global chat system.
    • Settling a new city now costs 10,000,000 coins instead of 10,000 coins. (Should be harder to get a city).

    Cannons Balance:

    I have heard some players concern over the recent change from black wool to iron, but let me explain here.
    Cannons, as they where before this change, where extremely easy to create and use. The hardest part was obtaining gunpowder, which to us right now is slightly too easy. I've seen multiple instances in our old political factions server where to beat an enemy, a new player would simply get three black wool, smelt and craft two buttons, and make a torch to wreck havoc upon the city.

    With this update as well, we can limit what airships can hold cannons. Originally, we had to allow all types of airships to hold cannons as wool is an essential part of airships, but now we can limit which type of ships can hold this type of weaponry.

    New Rules:

    As we now have a fully functional cities description system, we want to make a new rule that will help a bunch. If you make a new city, and you want to use it as a military base, you must have "[Military]" as the description. This will come into effect later.

    • The Grand Exchange is one of the next upcoming plugins.

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