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    • "Ghetto Protect". This prevents all outsiders from building in your cities' claimed land.
    • Added a mob farm limiter. This is to save on server resources, as well as safeguard the economy. More described below.
    • "/c kick". Kicks a user from your city. This was a total oversight by us.
    • "/c info" Gives more information, such as Members of that city, and a description.
    • "/e info" Gives more information, such as Cities of that Empire, and a description.
    • Notifications now display when you enter or leave a cities territory.
    • Scoreboard will now tell you what city and what empire you are standing in.
    • Various typo's fixed in the Empires Core.
    • Regular members of your city can no longer delete your groups by doing "/g delete".
    • Regular members of your city can no longer edit / create groups.
    • Capital City now will show as settled if it is settled.
    • "/c deposit" now works.
    • "/c balance" now works.
    • If you abandon your city, you can now re-make one.
    • Cities now expand with the new members you add.
    City Expansions:
    City Expansions have now been re-worked. The new numbers are below:
    • Capitals:
      • 1 Player = 6 Chunk Radius.
      • 2 Players = 16 Chunk Radius.
      • 3 Players and up = 32 Chunk Radius.
    • Cities:
      • 1 Player = 4 Chunk Radius.
      • 2 Players = 5 Chunk Radius.
      • 4 Players = 6 Chunk Radius.
      • 5 Players = 16 Chunk Radius.
    As usual, these are subject to change. We will try these out for the open beta.

    Farm Limiter:
    So... a farm limiter. One of the most hated things I have added to Empires. There where many many reasons for adding this, including but not limited to:
    • Save Server resources.
    • Client lag when near a farm.
    • More realistic feel. No more crammed animal farms.
    When it comes to the server's economy, there are many bonuses. First off, the price of wool is 32 coins each. This doesn't seem like much, but if you have a farm that is extremely cramped, you can make ~50,000 coins easily with minimal effort. Since this is one of the best money making methods found so far, I want to make it just a bit harder to make thousands off of. The price of wool on our server I expect to only go up, as airships and various other items require wool to operate.

    • I expect the open beta to be Empires 0.6.0!! This will be when we have the economy set up, and protection a bit more advanced. Note though, this will be an open beta to test the changes up to that point, and will not be close to the final product. There will be weekly updates to Empires at that point, and not everything in there may function the same.
    • Watch for our new guides coming out soon!
    • Don't hate me for removing ways to make money fast. I want Empires to be a very balanced game. If we have a great way to make money, then everyone will do it and the player to player economy would be ruined.
    • Empires 0.6.0 Should include the Grand Exchange (guide coming soon), Magic, and some cosmetic rank features.
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    To all closed beta testers:

    We have removed you from the white-list. We are going to make Empires staff only until the open beta at this point. Our goal is to have the open beta for everyone on Christmas break (summer break for you Aussies.)
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